Dear parents,
one of the most common psychiatric disorders among young cildren and also in adolescence are untreated ADHD cases .They are often comorbid with disorders in mood,behaviour or substance use. Here we see in adolescence not only alkohol as a form of self-medication but also different forms of drugs. These children and adolescents are often frustrated in school,with low self-esteem and often involved in conflicts with peergroups,teachers and later on bosses. So ,not only 2/3 of children with ADHD carry the symptoms on into adulthood, but 3 out of 100 adults worldwide suffer from it also later on. Let us not forget about all that 1 in 10 adult patients with mood disorders or anxiety have ADHD. Adult ADHD is often misdiagnosed and unrecognised. so depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and personality disorders are the most common psychiatric commorbidities associated with ADHD in adults. These children as well adults have problems with organisation,forgetfulness,impulsive talking,problems with authority and others.
So, keep in mind if you recognise the 3 core symptoms of ADHD: inattention ,hyperactivity and impulsivity in your child please consult a children psychiatrist

(EPA Congress Nizza 2018, Judit Balasz,Shire)

Wishing you a very wonderfull easter holiday


Dr Olga Stankovic-Dahmen